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Green Bridge is a partner of the tea farmers cooperatives 

As I am coming from Vietnam, a lot of people I know are working in the tea sector. This is why I have a close and direct relation with the local farmers, the Ban Lien cooperative and the Helvetas NGO.


We are constantly looking for new local cooperatives we can help with their administrative procedures to obtain organic labels. In this approach, we will invest our futur benefits in this help. At the same time, we have started another social project which really means for us: the creation of a drawing club for the children of the region of Ha Giang.

During my last trip in Vietnam, organised to meet tea suppliers, I did an original experiment: I organised a drawing class for the the pupils of the Tung Xanh Kindergarten, in the region of Ha Giang.

The children were glad about this diversity of colours. Beside their shyness, they expressed themselves with their drawings. Thanks again to Gerald Gorridge and Tran Thu Hang for sharing their passion and their talents with the children.

After this emotional time, I decided to create a drawing club. Green Bridge will finance the school stationery to keep the children express them-selves with their colourful drawings. If this project succeeds, it would be thanks to you and your costumers.

Each information, even the future drawings, will be communicated regularly with transparency.

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