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  • The best prices thanks to a close relation with the local producers. 

  • Traditional production processes give the best quality. 

  • Organic certified products responding to the European standards (FR-BIO-13).

  • One ethical and artistical common goal: backing cooperatives to improve the local life and creating a drawing club for the local children by the end of the year (2018).


Completely different from the industrial small bushes plantations, the old tea plants are ten-feet tall, and can even be sixteen-feet tall. They grow between 800 meters and 2000 meters above the sea level, sometimes even more, in a fresh and wet climate, under a sky always cloudy. The locals say it is this permanent fog which gives the quality to the tea. 

The productions never saw any pesticides or fertilizers. The trees live and communicate together, ferns and bushes are growing down their foot, between the rice fields. The caterpillars, ennemies of the teas are eaten by the birds of the forest or picked up by the pickers.
Humans and nature are living in perfect harmony, this is why the tea plants are this old.

It is the opposite world in the huge plantations of industrial tea, which damage the ground and destroy the biodiversity.
Only a few privileged places left in the world, this is why we have to protect them at all costs. This explains also why Green Bridge chose to be loyal to these teas.

Green Bridge proposes three ranges of teas: rare teas, premium teas and basic teas.

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