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  • Extremely rare tea
  • Symbol of Vietnamese tea culture
  • Origin: Tea: Lao Cai, Vietnam Lotus Workshop: Ha Nam, Vietnam
  • Altitude: From 1200m
  • Brewing advice: 2-3min / 75°C/ 3gr-30cl
  • Ingredients: 100% Organic 1 bud and 1 young leaf, fresh lotus
  • NOTE: Strictly following the instructions of brewing advice to get the best quality of tea.

Royal Lotus Green Tea

  • Story: Lotus is the national flower of Vietnam that stands for the purity, beauty, loyalty and honesty.

    Therefore, lotus green tea is

    considered the symbol of Vietnamese tea culture.

    In the past, the lotus tea was served exclusively to the royal and noble families because of the complexity of the production processes and the rarity of the flower.


    In fact, the lotus only blooms during a few months and at least one thousand of flowers are needed to perfume 1kg of tea.


    In the daybreak, the lotus flowers are picked up still fresh and wet of dew, essence of the sky and the earth stuck in the stamens. The tea leaves will be mixed with the stamens for an entire month to absorb all the lotus aromas.

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