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  • Origin:  Ha Giang, Vietnam
  • Altitude: 1200 - 2400m
  • Ingredients: 1 bud and 2 first young leaves
  • Description: The premium green tea from the Shan tree is made, then placed in a bamboo basket, suspended above the kitchen. The tea then benefits from all the best flavors of the dishes and the smoke. This smoked tea with an atypical profile with a delicate wood smoke note on the nose, and a note of hay, animal, honey, both vegetal.
  • Using advice:  Infuse with 80 ° C to 85 ° C water for 3-4 minutes. Use 3g of tea leaves (2 teaspoons) for a 30ml cup of tea. (5 possible infusions)

Shan Ha Giang Smoked Green Tea

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